Spy Fox: Operation Ozone

Adventure 2001 Windows Akella Third Person Thriller Casual

Spy Fox is back!

The Spy Fox series is a pretty decent set of junior point-and-click adventures that is notable for its lighthearted approach to the genre, making it feel a bit like the Monkey Island or Discworld games. This third entry in the franchise is another solid effort and makes for a good choice if you've got younger adventure fans in the house. The story here is very much inspired by James Bond, with our hero Spy Fox taking on the evil Poodles Galore as she attempts to destroy the world's ozone layer. Fox is aided by Professor Quack and his array of special gadgets which will come in handy as the dangerous mission unfolds. The game itself is a fairly traditional point-and-click adventure which requires exploration of various environments and the solving of puzzles while making use of the various gadgets. You've also got some mini-games to complete to add variety while there's a collection of eleven Spy Fox inspired music tracks to add some appeal. Operation Ozone is a pretty decent little romp that is sure to provide its target market with a good amount of entertainment. It certainly looks the part, with some lovely animated visuals that have a lot of character and personality. This is supported by the witty script which packs in a lot of jokes and which helps maintain interest in the story. The puzzles are generally well done although they might be a little east for some players but that really depends on their age and experience. Throw in the extra soundtrack and you have a good package that provides some fun entertainment.

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