Super Solvers: Treasure Cove

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox The Learning Company Education Math or logic

Master of Mischief wants you to...learn!

Super Solvers: Treasure Cove is an edutainment game, in a prodigious series of edutainment titles, Super Solvers. This particular game is a bit more game like, in that it looks and plays more like a proper adventure game, while some of the early titles were more direct puzzle games, held together by a lot less story. At any rate, the Master of Mischief had destroyed the Rainbow Bridge, and you have to rebuild this bridge. You, the Super Seeker, will go on a journey, in game, which will mean solving lots of puzzles and dealing with a lot of physics, logic and math based minigames. All in all, the game plays well, looks like a kid's book together with a game bundle. The interactions are made easy by the fact that you can use the mouse and keyboard as well. Basically, this title focuses mostly on science and under sea life, so if that is what you were looking for this game will surely provide. A good alternative can be Super Solvers: Operation Neptune, an edutainment title more bent on otherworldly exploration.

A very fun and educational underwater game

Treasure Cove is the ninth installment of a series of educational games called Super Solvers (much like edu game Dinotopia). It has a very efficient learning method - a correct answer earns a reward. In this side-scrolling adventure game the objective is to plug the pipes leaking oil to the waters and restore the destroyed rainbow bridge by collecting gems throughout the cove. To find the gems, the player must correctly answer simple math and reading questions asked by starfish to get clues about where they are hidden. I think this method of education is fantastic, because it's fun, interesting, challenging, yet very rewarding. It has a very attractive design, with very rich and full colors, and a very nice and catchy tune during gameplay. I think kids will absolutely love the game, have a great time and learn a something useful along the way. If you are interested in other games in the Super Solvers series, try Spellbound.

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