Thinking Games 2

Puzzle 1993 Dos Compedia Education

Not too much thinking here

This isn't quite what you might expect from the title but is instead an edutainment title which aims to teach kids about geography and international cultures. It's reasonably successful in this respect but of the four games on offer here, only two really have any educational value, with the others being more arcade in nature. It is however worth a brief look if you're into old-school edutainment titles, although it does fall short of classics like Headline Harry and Carmen Sandiego. This one introduces a set of cartoon-style characters, including Billy Bat and Robby the Rabbit, in an adventure which takes them around the world in order to encounter various different cultures and hopefully to learn a bit about tolerance along the way. The first game on offer here is a matching one, where players must match up a country's name with its flag, national costume and national building. The second one is a jigsaw puzzle involving various scenes from around the world, while the third is more arcade-style in nature. Here you must attempt to rescue the rabbit by making your way through various mazes before you run out of oxygen. The last game is also an arcade one which again uses the maze concept as the bat and the rabbit go searching for treasure. Thinking Games 2 starts out well enough, with the first two games providing some solid educational content but halfway through, this aspect peters out. The arcade games are fun enough but are too lacking in content to make the whole package gel as a cohesive whole, so while this is enjoyable enough for a short time, it's difficult to recommend it wholeheartedly.

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