God of Thunder

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Software Creations Item collection Adventure style Action Adventure Indie

Sidescroller plus top down platformer adventure, NES 8bit like

There is something about sidescrollers that use a kind of tile construction that has some random dots on it, creates a sort of wallpaper that has aged kind of look, very textural. But, at any rate, whatever that minimalist look at the game can offer you, it's not really that interesting. More interesting os that this game offers you speologyin sidescroller clothes, and it does so quite well. Sure enough, the controls and the animations for the player character look pretty good. So, with that said, if you've pounded your NES controller sufficient times, then this game here won't pose any issues for you. It's really well produced, quite well done, and with a lot of original portions. It's like a sidescrolling game that wants you to just go about, escalate ladders, jump form one platform to another without a lot of extras. But, at times it has some top down portions, so in that respect it's a bit like a Zelda game, you know the kind that combines a big map with instanced play that has different puzzles lurking about. But definitely worth playing.

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