Gods Deluxe

Arcade 2007 Windows Platformer Myth and legend

Take down the gods!

The original Gods is a superb slice of old-school action/adventure that hailed from the legendary Bitmap Bros, developers of classics like Speedball, Chaos Engine and Magic Pockets. The game bears their distinctive brand of slick visuals and throws in plenty of intense hack 'n' slash gameplay as well as puzzling and exploration. The title on offer here though is a later remake which adds to its inspirations already fine qualities to make a worthy update to a fantastic experience. The basic story and gameplay remain untouched, with players venturing into Greek mythology and taking on the role of Hercules as he ventures forth to do the gods' bidding. This essentially involves exploring a series of large, multi-scrolling platform-style levels, grabbing weapons, treasures and solving puzzles as you go, with plenty of monster slaying thrown in for good measure. There are a few improvements noticeable in this remake, with upgrades to the already impressive visuals, a level editor and various other bits and bobs. Perhaps the best part though, is the inclusion of four all-new levels alongside the classic ones, giving more meat to a game which didn't really need it, but which is most appreciated. As far as remakes go, this is very good stuff. It builds on the impressive reputation of the original and tweaks things while remaining true to its inspiration. Bitmap Bros games are best known for their visuals and those on display here remain that slick and stylish approach but with a bit of a polish. Its the extras though which are the real selling point and if you are fan of the original, or even if you've never played it, then check out this superb slice of action/adventure.

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