Conan: Hall of Volta

Arcade 1984 Other Datasoft Platformer Myth and legend

Very indulging game

It is a great action game which has a variety of puzzles and some great adventure elements which keep you occupied and tagged with your seat. The game is basically about Conan which is your character to play and your mission is to kill Volta that you will face at the end of the game. Before that, there are different levels to conquer where you have distinct and challenging enemies and some very challenging and interesting obstacles. The obstacles are basically in the form of action puzzles which have been thought out quite well and have been mixed well with the gameplay. The Conan character that you have can jump, walk, hit and will through boomerang as well to kill the enemies that get tough and tough as you advance on in levels. The level designs in the game are very diverse and top notch in the sense that you will find some very interesting enemies and gameplay elements that are not much common with other games in this genre. The graphics to support the gameplay are pretty good as well and the controls are as swift as they need to be. Well you will love it, but if you somehow do not find it that good, then you may go for Lone Wolf.

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