Livingstone 2

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Opera Soft Platformer Myth and legend

Great sequel and great sidescroller

Livingstone 2 takes the saga of Livingstone I Presume further down the road. It's the same recipe, both gameplay wise, as well as in the respect of the graphics and the other elements that abound in this one. What has changed a lot however is the way the levels play. If in the first one traps was a rarity, well, in this one they abound. That is great, as long as you don't need to do much sidetracking, but if you can't count on that, then expect to have to trudge through some really nasty traps, over and over again. It's a hardcore game, in this respect, but also a lenient buildup towards the later, much more difficult stages, so you won't really feel overwhelmed. Also, don't worry, the game also has a lot of shooting inherent in it, with lots of enemies to shoot down and all that jazz. Plus, the roaster of collectible weapons has been endowed with a few more additions, making this one thoroughly playable, and enticing. Plus, the exploration is at its highest in this one, and, as I said, it is impeded by a lot more traps, which just adds to the excitement of playing the game, always a great thing to have in a sidescroller of this kind.

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