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Fruit machine with all text in Dutch! But playable!

Gokkast is a gambler's game, a fruit machine game that allows you to amass large amounts of money, but only if you risk and if you are lucky! It's an alright game, looks wise, pretty well produced, and pretty good looking, and it has all the necessary elements that you'd come to expect out of a game like this one: you choose how much you bet, you spin the machine and you hope you'll get three or four matching tiles on the same line. At times you get specials, that allow you to keep a number of fruits and then just go on and spin the wheel again. It's a cool game, well organized, well playable, but ultimately, in the absence of a real wager, Gokkast, like many other gambling digitizations just grows boring on you. The fact that it's in Dutch doesn't do a lot to keep you from playing, as most of the game is self explanatory. You'll even learn how to navigate the minimal menu, and exit to start a new game. So, well, if you collect digital slot machines, for the DOS machine (sic!), Gokkast can be as good as any. But for diversity download Bicycle Casino, and you'll get a lot of other games along with a few cool slot machines.

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