Day of The Pharaoh - Nil The Living God

Strategy 1989 Dos Chip Historical Empire management

RPG with a lite dose of strategy

In Day of The Pharaoh - Nil The Living God you will embody a descendent of a Pharaoh, who was framed for some actions he did not commit. He has to try and make his way back to the ancient Cairo, and reclaim your throne from the usurpers. The game plays mostly as an RPG, where your minute to minute goal will be to defeat enemies, to solve quests and, use the points gained to develop your character wisely. Difficulty wise, it is, I'd say medium towards hard, Plus, the game is also riddled with mini challenges, such as chariot riding and duels, which add a plus of originality to the game. Also some stages play as miniature strategy games I real time, again, a welcomed addition to this game. Graphically it's all about 8bit graphics, top down most of the time, with bits where you'll play from a sidescroller perspective. Alright, but no gem. For a more engaging and sand effused strategy play the Pharaoh sim/strategy/builder, or, for a great action/puzzle, see Pharaoh Ascent, a great reflex oriented arcade puzzler.

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