18th Hole Miniature Golf

Sport 1987 Dos Dosbox Gold Hill Software Golf

Only 2 minigolf courses, but well done

The only fault I can think of with this game here is that it isn't longer. All it has is two, not particularly large Golf course. But, of course, that isn't such an issue, especially given that you probably won't be looking at this type of game, minigolf in digital form for very long play sessions, but rather as a time waster to wane away those pesky (!) breaks that you don't know how to fill. Also, the graphics of this one, 2D, are however well done, well produced. The visual style is early 8 bit on the DOS, which means a bit of jaggedness and not too much color or style. But then again, as long as it works, there is no reason not to enjoy it. Plus, the courses will also require a bit of strategy, given that they do indeed have 18 holes. And that means that knowing how to manage your shots is essential. So, all things considered, give the game a go, it is worth it, no doubt about it. Sure, don't expect too much diversity, as I said, but expect an easily controllable game. The intensity of the shots is called directly by establishing which of the numerical keys, 1 to 9 should be used, which takes some of the uncertainty away, as it's all about prolonged calculus

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