5th Fleet

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Avalon Hill Board games Turn based Naval

A fantastic computer representation of the board game

This game is an example in a good conversion of a board game to a computer one. A very good naval strategy, 5th Fleet is set on the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Mid East and enables you to combat with various opponents, such as Indians or Pakistani army. Throughout 11 scenarios of increasing difficulty, you will have hours and hours of challenging, exciting and mind boggling naval warfare with a great array of units. The game is very simple to play and all the controls are very easy to learn and master. Along the way you are presented with real time statistics and user panel which gives you a great control of your units and weapons available. The game can be played as a single player or with two other players via Email. The graphics are incredibly realistic and detailed and give you a great sense of reality and dynamics. Naval strategy lovers (like Harpoon II)will surely appreciate this game and board game enthusiasts will respect how faithfully the game has been transferred to the computer systems. Great work!

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