Great Naval Battle 5

Simulation 1996 Windows Dosbox SSI Design Tool World Wars

Naval warfare, top down, not very intricate

The best thing about this naval warfare inspired game, is it's very easy to grasp ideas and the fact that it is very arcade in interaction, while still managing to offer you better than average, historically of the WWII era scenarios. Thus, while it won't quench the thirst for realism or authenticity of hardcore players of wargames or strategy, those that want something inspired by arcaders that plays well, yet is not dumbed down to the ground, will find in Great Naval Battle 5 a great companion. A lot has been smoothed out in the series since the predecessor had been released, and, therefore, you will get the best polish of the entire series with this one. The game is very specific in what it will allow you to achieve; for instance, you can edit the parameters of every new campaign; the number of enemy ships, the behavior of ships and so forth. Yes, you can play without having to bother with any of these elements, but it's good to know that they were considered and that they are there, if you feel like changing something. Graphically, well, it won't feel overwhelming, but the SVGA offers the game a patina of old without putting too many dots in front of you, so that's alright. Pretty simple models and interfaces are a good choice too, as there's never too much clutter to block your view or distract you. Try it!

End of a great series of naval warfare

Great Naval Battle 5 is the fifth and final installment of this great series of World War naval simulation games and really makes the franchise go with a bang. The gameplay is not very different from the other GNB games, the only difference is that this game is set in the World War I instead of WW II and there is no air support. This great game covers naval battles that have occured on various battlefields across the globe, and feature units and ships that are authentic of those that were in use during the Great War. There is definitely a great array of ships, a lot of options, and a very user friendly interface that makes the job a lot easier. The AI is programmed pretty good, so the difficulty will be satisfying. The graphics of the game are very advanced SVGA that will definitely pump up the experience. If you like naval simulations, like the Silent Hunter series, you will be very satisfied with this game.

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