Space Ace

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox ReadySoft Cartoon Platformer Futuristic Adventure Casual Arcade

Arcade minigames based adventure

Space Ace is not your average adventure, and while it does pack some point and click stages here, it is mostly a combination of minigames delivered one after the other, somewhat connected between them, though each one can, more or less, stand on its own. And that's pretty much my problem with it: the storytelling gets really at the bottom of the experience, while the minigame can feel a bit random at times. Well, I guess, you shouldn't really rationalize the game that much and just take it for what it is, a collection of games where each game got a bit more of a linking to the others. At any rate, the 16, sometimes over the head, sometimes sidescroller, sometimes classic adventure style works ok, and it manages to create nice vistas. Especially because the game is set in space, where flying rockets after which you're dodging lasers on top of an asteroid is just as good! So, like I said, go into the game without wishing for a really powerful or well delivered story, and instead bask into the beauty of each new minigame, wondering what will be next! Oh and if you are sold to the game, don't forget about the later one, Space Ace II just as convoluted a game, but nevertheless lots of fun!

Save Kimberly from villains

Space Ace was released on 1983. This classic game was released by ready soft. It is a simple game where you will play as Ace. Ace's mission is to save her girlfriend Kimberly from the space villains. You will love the heroic character of Ace in this. Fight against Bort, the space villain. Ace's plan is to capture the whole world using his special device. The device is also known as the Infanto Ray. The device makes the enemies younger in age. But unfortunately Ace was hit with the Infanto ray and turned into a young boy. On the other hand Ace's girl friend is captured by the villains. So now he has to save the world and his girlfriend. The story continues. This game is a decent one. There are some sequels like Space Ace 2 available on market. The dvd version of this game is really enjoyable, although when the game was released there were a lot of expectation from the developers about this game. Still it is a very good game to play. overall it is a 3 out of 5 rating game that you will enjoy.

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