Action 2001 Windows Piranha Bytes Medieval 3D action adventure Role playing Tpp Fantasy Rpg


Gothic, the first game from the series, was acclaimed as one of the most popular RPGs. This 2001 game developed by Piranha Bytes was remarkable for its storyline, but especially for its incomparably atmosphere. The fantasy world presented is vibrant, and I loved how this game allows you to interact with the environment. The gameplay is based on dialogues and making decisions, on the development of your character, and on puzzle solving. You start the game as an unexperienced character, having no skills, but as you progress, you will become a genuine adventurer. The distinctive aspect stays in the graphics, with the large amount of details present in the visuals, in the various effects. Also, the sounds and the music will enchant you, and they fit perfectly in every area you find yourself. I liked the interactive nature of this game, because the numerous characters you will meet are very sociable and talkative, who have the role to orient you, since there is no map available to help you explore. They will also give you objectives to solve, but it is your choice if you want to accept them or not. When you fight, you can defend yourself with a bow, casting a magic spell, or by pressing the "use" key with the movement keys. All in all, if you are a fan of RPGs, where you will interact a lot, along with other elements that create an unforgettable adventurous experience, Gothic is the game for you!

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