Urban Chaos

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Action adventure with loads of varied gameplay

Urban Chaos is not necessarily a classic, relatively modern action adventure, at least not throughout, though, if you are looking for gunfights, for dialogues, for exploration and other such staples, they are all there. What the game does differently than most other action adventures is that it puts a female character at the helm of the game, which is not something that is done as often these days. But don't worry, this girl is really a mean, capable and fearless protagonist, more so than many other male protagonists. The game's story is also pretty interesting, as it pits you in an urban world where corruption and dishonesty is the order of the day. Thus, she will play diverse roles, as a private investigator type or some other types of roles, trying to piece together a set of happening in the Union City. So, yeah, a bit of city bound dystopia, a bit of a dark themed looking game (with slightly similar looking cityscapes) and a very involving game, overall. Play it, you'll like it, especially if you love dark city bound action adventures such as Max Payne, but want a woman's (of color) perspective on that kind of game.

One girl against a whole city

There are not many games out there with women as the main character (Lara Croft from Tomb Raider is the most famous one) so it's a refreshment to see one on the gaming scene. You play D'arci Stern, a brave woman that is determined to put out crime that is progressively increasing in her hometown, and the Wildcats which are mainly responsible for that. City streets at night, gangs, a woman with a mission and a lot of action - those are the elements that make this game so good. You play the game from a third person view and you control D'arci as she goes around town, drives cars and beats the hell out of the people who made her city a bad place. This girl knows how to fight - you can punch, kick and tackle your opponents. The game is very nice looking, smooth and dynamic, and the soundtrack is also very good and appropriate to the game. You can't but be amazed with this woman's eagerness to do the right thing and the bravery she has to do it, alone against what seems the whole world. A truly spectacular game.

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