Top Gear RPM Tuning

Racing 2004 Windows Akella Car simulation City race

Not quite top gear but close

If you've ever wanted to hit the streets of Los Angeles at high speed and out run cops in one of several top notch cars, then RPM Tuning might just be the game for you. While nothing out of the ordinary, it provides some decent street racing thrills that will suit fans of Midtown Madness and the like. The city of LA has been extensively and realistically replicated and players can engage in numerous race styles and explore it freely, with several modes available, including adventure, and with an extensive range of cars to choose from. These include muscle cars, trucks and imported ones, but perhaps the most appealing aspect for many gamers will be the massive selection of customisation options available. Pretty much everything can be tweaked to suit your taste, both in terms of looks and in terms of under-the-hood performance, and there are literally thousands of possibilities to be discovered here. Underneath this impressive exterior though, lies a pretty standard racer. There's a decent range of game types to play around with, while the AI drivers put up a good enough fight to keep you entertained, so the game should keep you playing for a while. Visually, RPM Racing is fair at best, with a good sense of speed adding to the thrills and some nice, but not overly impressive environments to enjoy while you're speeding around the roads. If you've enjoyed and finished the likes of Need for Speed Most Wanted and are looking for your next challenge, then this makes for a solid, if less than classic, choice. But at least there's no sign of Jeremy Clarkson!

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