NASCAR Legends

Racing 1999 Windows Sierra On-Line Formula one Car simulation Driving

Functional and fun but short lived...

NASCAR Legends is a straightforward 3D NASCAR racing game, tethering halfway between arcade and simulation, offering you just a modicum more than the bare necessities to keep you entertained. It's got a few NASCAR type vehicles to choose from, a few oval tracks so you'll have the playground to go racing and an AI that makes sufficient effort not to slam into you, which is always nice, as it adds that bit of realism that a game like this one feeds of off. Graphically, it's a game that looks alright, proper 3D; though don't expect no bells and whistles. Also, prepare yourself for a bit of that olde lower resolution/jaggedly lines here and there, but, after all, you've got to give NASCAR Legends what is rightfully his: it allows you to race, NASCAR style and that is all that was promised. Other than that, what else is there to say: you won't really feel like replaying it for too long, especially after you've found that while hard and challenging, it kind of offers the same thrill every time. Anyway, for a late 90s racer it's alright. Still, though, I find NASCAR Revolution (also released in 99) to do a more immersive job, which is always desirable in a racer of this sort.

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