A.J. World of Discovery

Puzzle 1991 Dos Coktel Vision Education

Colorful puzzler/adventure for toddlers

Here's a sweet little puzzler/adventure, not quite an edutainment bundle but neither a mindless game, great for children and for those looking for a great game to play with their kindergarten children. Thus, A.J. World of Discovery offers you lots of puzzlers, lots of different other kinds of missions and generally, asks you to think logically, to the extent that one would quiz a toddler or small child. The game looks great, for sure, colorful, with likeable hand drawn like settings and characters and, also, it offers you quite a few of different puzzlers. Don't really know about the VGA issues, though, maybe some parents would see this one as a bit of a problem, but the puzzles are generally pretty clear and clean, which makes those old time computer game issues kind of fade. Yeah, play it, and have one instance of Super Solvers around just in case. Though, for children entertainment, with a bit of an edutainment side to it, this one will surely do, even if it is not the world's most diverse of games!

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