Parkan: Iron Strategy

Action 2001 Windows 1C Company Robots Science Fiction Strategic scope Adventure Simulation Strategy Sci fi

First person and third person gameplay blend

Oh my, what a mess this game can be. While I get that combining gameplay genres can be a bit of a drag, I also have played enough hybrids to know that it can be done. But no, this game here surely doesn't understand a simple rule of thumb: if you want to combine genres, then you must get rid of some elements in both of the portions to keep the game playable in both its instances. I mean, with shooter games that also want to have a tactical side, games such as Rainbow Six have showed us how you get that done and keep the thing actually playable: you focus on the real time action and you just offer tactical choices embedded within the structure of this real time action phase. That helps in keeping the perspective locked and you capable of actually getting into the game as you'd want to, without having to give up certain privileges of perspective and staying immersed Anyway, nope, in Parkan: Iron Strategy each portion of the game is pretty much invaded by problems of control that are due to the other portion, so you can't really enjoy the game in its first person shooter format, and you can't really enjoy it in its strategic offering as well. Thus, I must confess, I find this game a collage of gameplay elements that were unsuccessfully merged. You won't be giving up much if you don't try it out.

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