Island of Danger

Adventure 1991 Dos Richard E. Carr Science Fiction Strategic scope

ASCII top down action shooter; with pirates!

The 30th century is a cool time to live; space pirates abound, space and land conflict is ajar, what can I say, there are loads of things to do, loads of conflict. In Island of Danger you play just a unit, a military unit; you'll have loads of shooting to do, in these top down simple, ASCII graphics towns; you yourself are a pilot controlling a sort of tank, but you can't really take a whole load of damage without issues; thus, you have to be pretty patient and only get in the conflict at the right time, and try not to get in the line of fire for too long. So, while mainly arcade in feel, Island of Danger is pretty much a fully blown shooter game, which will demand more than just shooting, mindlessly of you; you have to be patient, think ahead of time and conserve your lives as much as possible. You can raise the speed of the game, if you feel comfortable playing at harder difficulties, but the game can turn quite vicious at the higher speeds. So be very careful how you approach it! It will definitely not disappoint, though!

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