Halo 2

Action 2004 Windows Microsoft Shooter 3D action adventure

Second in the Halo series and just as engaging a shooter

Halo created a phenomenon when it appeared similar to that which was generated by the Half Life masterpiece, when it hit the market. It wasn't always in the cards to be so, as Microsoft games, the developer at the times was not really known as this extremely capable or original game developer. And neither was halo some original masterpiece, but it was polished to perfection, introducing us to Master Chief Petty Officer John 117, known mostly as Master Chief, and cosplayed to death later on. At any rate, Halo 2 is a really well done sequel, more expansive in terms of the number of levels themselves, their size, the weapons and enemies newly introduced and a story that continued from where the first Halo heft us. Therefore, all the elements for an unforgettable experience were there, and the game sold like crazy, plus it had an online community that was really well strung. Today, going back to this second title feels as fresh as it did back in the day, and I surely recommend you do that. The Halo series is a great, classic shooter series where playability is absolutely central. FPS aficionados and serious gamers, do not miss this one!

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