Hard Truck: Road to Victory

Racing 1998 Windows 1C Company Other transport simulation

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Keep on trucking!

Truck driving games might not get as much attention as the likes of fast-paced racers like Need For Speed or Outrun, but to be honest, if they're all like this one, then it's pretty understandable why. This is the first in a series of games which was followed by Hard Truck 2 and King of the Road, and it's pretty much laid the standard for what followed, but given how bland this is, it's surprising the series made it off the starting line. What you have here is a pretty generic racing game, with the only real point of interest or originality being the fact that you're controlling giant trucks instead of agile sports cars. You have a small selection of trucks to choose from, with more available once you start winning races, while you can also upgrade them to improve handling, speed and other aspects. The races are slightly different here, as you're competing against other trucks to deliver goods the quickest. Crossing the line in first helps get more money but more important is the condition which the goods arrive in, so don't go too crazy out there. Although Hard Truck certainly tries at hard at doing something a little different, its main problem is the very concept. While driving trucks is very different from sports cars, the essential factor which makes such games so thrilling is almost entirely absent here. It's quite fun to start with to be sat behind the wheel of a truck but when you realize how fast these things go, it's gets pretty dull quite quickly. Although the graphics are sound are reasonable enough, this isn't enough to save the game, and it's one for diehard truck fans only.

It's the only road to Victory!

This game is actually a really good game. If you play it long enough ,you will unlocked something great. Also if you have enough money to do so, you can buy certain items for the road while your racing to endorse other companies and make more money. (HINT: $$$ will unlock the mystery)(HINT#2: When you decide to buy items, buy cheap items with 0 percent fragility, such as nails.)

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