Simulation 1998 Windows Gremlin Interactive Flight Space combat

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Pirates - hunt them or become on of them?

Hardwar is a futuristic flight simulation game (like Star Trek) in which you make your own destiny. At the beginning of the game, you can decide what you will do with your craft. You can be an honest trader, a bounty hunter, a simple scavanger or pirate. Your craft will be accomodated to your chosen occupation. You are to use the money that was given to you to get more money using your ship, eventually getting a better one and leaving Titan, your home planet. Besides just flying Trading is also a very important thing in the game since that way you will get more money and will be able to get all the hardware needed to complete your objective. The gameplay is up to you - you can chase down pirates and collect bounties, you can become a pirate yourself and be a criminal, or you can be a simple trader. The game is visually very appealing and well made, with great 3D graphics and lighting, making the game look very realistic for the end of the nineties. The flight system is very detailed and realistic. The soundtrack is also great, and the sound system includes voice acting. What is special about this game is that it isn't just a flight sim game, since it also has elements of adventure and action. Hardware blends all of that good mix for a great time.

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