Star Trek: The Nth Iteration

Simulation 1999 Windows Loren Blaney Flight Space combat

Nice space flight and shooter sim

Probably enticed by the success of the Star Wars franchise of space shooters, Star Trek: The Nth Iteration wanted to try its own hand at the genre; in it you will be pitted at the helm of a number of spacecrafts from the series. Some shuttles are available, some intermediary class space flyers and a few other larger vehicles. The game combines racing, or, rather flight arcade gameplay with space shooting. If you have been a fan of the original Star Trek series or the later, ones, you will remember the physical make up of the ships. Power can be diverted from the engine to the shields, or to the photon torpedoes and you can also shoot laser beams if you want to. At any rate, no matter what type of option you want to try, evasive, aggressive or any intermediary one, you can try your hand at it. The game sports ok looking graphics. It helps that space is a mass of black too, so do not expect too different backdrops. Verengi ships, and other races ships are also present, so this will surely be a walk past memory lane as well, one to keep you entertained for hours on end, as long as you re a fan of any of the TV series.

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