Battlecruiser 3000AD V2

Simulation 1998 Windows 3000AD Flight Trade or management Space combat

Long in the making, adding support for better 3D

The Battlecruiser 3000AD original was a game that took a long time to be produced, sure, not as long as Duke Nukem Forever but at any rate, it did put the developers through their paces. This second version was released back in 98 to add a few more races and castes, raising the original number to 13 aliens grouped in 25 castes, while the map was also amended with 75 more planets and a total of 145 moons. So, you'll ask , what is this game, how do you play it? Well, just like the former version, the gameplay is that of an intense space action flight sim, where you cruise the in game galaxy. This is the free mode. The campaign mode however is more of a 4X type deal, where you get to decide the faith of the galaxy through economic exchanges, armed conflict, and political treaties and other such politics and other similar options. Want even more action? There is a mode you can try called Xtreme Carnage Combat Simulator (boy isn't that so 90ish, hehe!) in which you play more aggressively, as you'll receive experience for combat and this generally the enemies are more aggressive and more bound on retaliatory armed assault. Noteworthy: the game doesn't play exclusively in space; it also has a planet bound portion. Anyway, it's got the that Elite gameplay going for it, but of course a lot more modern graphically. And no, the game doesn't actually use neural networks to simulate its AI systems! (hi five to those that got the reference!)

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