Harpoon II

Simulation 1994 Dos Three-Sixty Pacific Naval

Not as good as the original

This game is the sequel to Harpoon,a game that created a huge fanbase with good reason - it was a fantastic simulation game. This game, as good as it looks and seems on the first look, this game has the worst disease a game could have - many bugs and very poor AI. Fortunately the game's buggyness has been resolved with patches, but it was too late, the damage was done. Still, the game is not half bad, it's just not as good as its predecessor. The game has had much improvements in graphics and sounds, and there are now a ton of new ships at your discretion, but something's still missing. Oh, right. The challenge. The AI is quirky and lacking in challenge and intensity, making the game almost boring to play. Also, the game is not as realistic as the first game was. This is such a shame, but it is kind of expected - when an original game is that big, there are really big shoes to fill and that is easier said than done. Fans should try it, but keep in mind that it's not the same great game they love and worship. For new players, better check out the original. It's light years from this game.

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