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Old school wargame

Harpoon - old school Maritime war-game, based on the Board game. Driving one of the parties (USSR or NATO) offer 13 scenarios of a possible world war. The action takes place in real time, so the game is quite dynamic and realistic. Graphics in these games do not count.


Harpoon is a fantastic 1989 realtime tactics war game set (like Red Alert) in the vast ocean, and you play either the Soviets or NATO in a battle over both sea and lands, commanding ships and aircrafts and making crucial judgments that can affect the course of the battle. You play the highest ranking officer in the battlefield and everything is up to you. You chose which weapons they will use, who to attack and in what fission.The game is very advanced for its time and it seems like it god beyond being just a game and more often called a real naval warfare simulation and that is why this game eventually transformed into a franchise. The number of weapons systems is humongous. The options are virtually unlimited. All this fancy computer programming we have today is gone or better to say, still nonexistant. There is no play balance between sides, and no algorithm that can predetermine combat outcomes. Everything is very unpredictable and everything and I mean everything is up to you. Even the graphics are great for its time, and we're talking about the late eighties but the sound is in its timeline, so there is nothing special in that field. This game is so complex and detailed that it will take hours to fully grasp it but when you do, it will be one of the best tactics games you have ever played.

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