Dylan Dog - gli Uccisori

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Simulmondo Cartoon Horror Puzzle based

Dark and twisted sidescroller/adventure, poorly executed

Dylan Dog - the Murderers is a pretty unique piece; it is presented as a sidescroller, but, underneath, storywise, it is a pretty bleak and dark horror game. Unfortunately, while the graphics and the story and atmosphere might have been pretty enticing, the execution of the game is subpar. I don't know if you've played a lot of NES games, but one issue that many sidescrollers used to have, was that, they didn't really create well behaved (if you will!) platforms. Specifically, stairs used to be plagued by a pretty hard to use mechanic; you would have to be pretty precise about how you managed them, if you wanted to escalate them or you just wanted to go past them. This 92 game thus repeats the mistakes of mid 80s games, which is just unforgivable. Other than that, given that the game is meant to scare you at times is undermined by the fact that your character doesn't seem to be bothered by enemies coming at him, so he strolls lightly no matter what sort of abomination comes his way. So, yeah, a nice idea, alright graphics, but actually playing this thing is a trudge. Castevania is a much more playable experience, which I recommend, hard as it may be at times; it is at the very least playable!

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