The Quivering

Adventure 1998 Windows Dosbox Alternative Science Fiction Horror Puzzle based

Sci Fi adventure that tells an enticing tale

In The Quivering you will either get drawn in the first few minutes, fascinated by the noir storytelling, which combines both gothic elements as well as futuristic themes, as well as a graphical style that doesn't mind using cartoonish characters, or you will just find the game too unclear of its direction. I tend to be on edge, because the story is serious but the graphical style of the characters and some of the later elements of decor seem to be a bit too disconnected from one another. It's, well, not disconcerting, but it puts you off, it takes you out of the story, so, with that in mind you should try it if you have patience with your Sci Fi adventures. It's also bad that the game's puzzles are by no means that enticing or original actually, they're just alright, but leave a lot to be desired. Graphically, as I said, there are too many disparate elements, style wise, from cartoonish to edgy gothic, so, well, it's a melting pot that doesn't really make much sense. It reminded me of Symbicom, another noir adventure, which, however, is a bit more clear on its graphical style path that it wants to take.

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