Hat Trick

Sport 1987 Dos Dosbox Bally Sente Hockey

Hockey done right, with an alright visual theme

My alright visual theme expression in the title needs a few more mentions, before it can depict a more accurate picture of what this game is all about. So, while alright, this game is a slightly isometric one, though, I'd say, falsely isometric, in fact, as only the players perspectives are tilted, so you can see a bit more of them. In fact the ice ring is not isometric, it's actually topdown, at 90 degrees, and that can make for a very nice, and also, for a very interesting perspective. The color scheme is just a bit above CGA, and, if I tell you that the game was released for one of the later Atari consoles, maybe you'll understand not to be too pretentious or expect too much, not even gameplay wise. Not that the Atari consoles were some bad consoles, but they were probably the most underpowered in the history of gaming. So, there, it's a playable, but very devoid of personality game, mechanical, but it is not a bad mix. It's just a mix that had seen better days in the very early days of the 80s and to an extend towards the end of the 70s. A better game, overall, would be Face Off.

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