Face Off

Sport 1987 Dos Dosbox Gamestar Hockey

2D hockey, nicely done for 87!

You'd be amazed how good this game looks for a game that was released back in 87, and, besides that, this is the kind of action hockey sim that is easily playable and nice enough to be worth a revisit. The game is classical in the way it arranges the controls and the game mechanics. You use the same 2 buttons for most of the controls of the game, irrespective of your being in the attack or defense portions of the game, and the scoring is nicely handled with a sliding position type counter. You thus have to match your sliding cursor with the position where you want to shoot, and, the strength of the shot is handled by your moment of release of the button. But, as you'll find out, more accuracy in terms of the position of the shoot means less exactness in the amount of force of your shot. At any rate, the game has that nice, very well delivered feel that Blades of Steel was capable of, and thus, you will have a fun experience overall, with this game. Face Off is a game that is 100 percent worth a go, simple, and very action oriented. Give it a try!

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