Blades of Steel

Sport 1988 Dos Dosbox Konami Hockey

Incredibly fit for its age!

I've played quite a few hockey sims back in the day and in more recent times, and I must admit it, oldies never really looked as sharp as Blades of Steel did in 88. I don't know how it was possible, maybe my idea of what late 80s games should look like is skewered by all the retro looking games I've been playing as of late, but well, Blades of Steel just kicks ass at looking, I'd say too advanced for its time! Nope, it's still in 2D, but the way the players are animated, the mechanics of the game and the controls themselves lead to a very playable, very enjoyable, modern iteration of hockey. So, give it a go, no matter how reliant on modern graphics you are, with Blades of Steel you can't go wrong. The game is a near port of the NES game, though the DOS version sure looks a bit sharper, and I think it plays a bit faster, though, then again, it might just be the fact that my Dos Box is a bit tweaked to run certain games faster. Eh, well, whatever, both version are great. In fact, between the other classic, Face Off and this game here, I'd say this one sure looked and feels better. Though I'd play both any day!

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