Arcade 1982 Dos Dosbox Orion Software Shooter Military

Fixed position artillery is the name of the game!

Quite why this game doesn't allow you to scroll from left to right on the screen is a bit hard for me to understand, but, well, I guess you have to take it at face value. Paratrooper is a arcader that asks you to protect the 2D, one screen world from an invasion of helicopters and paratroopers which are coming down on you like flu. The game is as old as the world, having been release in 82, so don't be too demanding of it, graphically. But don't think that it can't do a nice job at the job, because that would not be true either; for an unpretentious arcader it does a good a job as anyone might require. A problem, though, might be in the fact that the game doesn't have a more diverse roaster of enemies, but then again, I'm even in awe that it works at all! Anyway, Paratrooper can be demanding and pretty hard later on, so don't think that it won't put on a fight, it just doesn't fancy itself too diverse a game. So, if you love shooters, even simple one, this one can be it. It's like some sort of Galaga, though tenfold simpler mechanically than that one.

Shoot down choppers!

This is a great game in which you have to shoot down choppers, paratroopers and planes dropping bombs. Each round the choppers will fly lower dropping the paratroopers. Controls are very easy: left and right will turn the turret automatically until you press up to fire bullets. There are two ways the game can end. Either there land 4 paratroopers on one of the sides or you could not shot down a falling bomb from a plane.

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