007 - License to Kill

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Domark Shooter Military

Great arcade action

It is an arcade style shooter game with lots of action sequence and a very famous theme. The theme has been inspired by James bond movie which means that you are in for some really good action. Your mission like James Bond is to kill the enemies which are normally very tough and you have to counter them with your skills your combat and your quick real time moves. The gameplay here involves a lot of shooting Action where you will use your pistol to kill the enemies. Shooting is not the only thing in as it also involves flying a chopper diving in the sea and doing a lot of action moves which are common with James bond. The great thing in the game is that the level designs are very unique and they have their varied difficulty. At first you might find the game easy, but as you advance on in levels they get really tough and complicated. The graphics in the game are very good for an arcade style game and there are a lot of action details so that you can feel the action. The controls are perfect and flow very well with every move that you make. When I played it, the action reminded me very much of Heavy Barrel which was quite exciting and full of thrill.

James Bond game

Here a short action game inspired by the James Bond movie of the same name. Each level has different style, following the movie. Fly chopper, proceed on foot fighting with your pistol, then fly chopper again until you catch a small plane with your hook... In the 4th level you are swimming while enemy divers and boats are attacking. You have to kill enemy diver with your knife to get his harpoon. Then use harpoon to shoot rear side of the hydro-plane and to slowly approach and climb the plane. In the last level you drive big truck and have to push other trucks off the road.

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