Heavy Metal

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Access Software Shooter

Mainly tank battles in first person, well done

In this game you won't conduce a wannabe rocker to the glorious ends of a career of heavy metal stardom, but you will be driving inside three vehicles of WWI themed war, generally trying to do as much damage as possible to the approaching enemies and not get hit. The best produced vehicle and the one I played from within the most is a tank, but other two vehicles of war are available. The game looks and plays nice, is generally pretty well rounded, pretty well produced, and overall, with all its flaws and minimalist 3D graphics (delivered in a small widow, independent of the vehicle you're inside of). It's fun because the tank moves and controls pretty easily, and so you don't really get to get bored of it all, too fast. But, nevertheless, Heavy Metal is as good as they get, in that for an 89 driving and shooting game it offers as much as could be expected. Also, the additional graphical elements that make up the map and the speed and the other dials inside are all functional and add a flavor of hmm... arcade realism to the game. A good game alternative to go alongside this one is to download K1 Tank based on a similar graphics engine and pretty well rounded overall.

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