Heavy Gear

Simulation 1997 Windows Activision Strategic scope Shooter

Just another war game, but a good one

It is a futuristic war game simulation that takes place on a far off planet. The plot is that war has broken out between two technologically advanced races that controls a variety of different machines. You will be piloting heavy gear machineries and robots for any one of them and then the action will take place with some very destructive elements. You can also built your won machineries to pilot and will move from one mission to another or one battlefield to another battlefield. The level designs in the game are very distinct and no repetitions seen anywhere. It is the strategic scope of the game which brings a lot of interest in the war game and makes it a prolific prospect. As you advance and gain success, you will be able to get new and improve gears which are far more enjoyable and advanced than the previous ones. The graphics in the game are well designed and are well in line the futuristic theme in the game. The controls are also great and so is the brilliant UI which supports you all the way. The weapons that your robots have are very destructive and you will gain many new ones as you imporove your level in the game. Its sequel is also good but I would prefer you to play Shellshock.

Heavy Gear game review

It's a humanoid tank with cannons, rockets, mortars and directed energy weapons. battle other gears (mechs) or the infantry or hovering land ships. Use terrain to your advantage or you will have a guided missile in the face. Build up your own mech configuration and make good use of your wingmen to achieve victory. One of the most enjoyable mech games I ever played and i still play it today over 15 years later.

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