Action 2001 Windows Virgin Interactive Gangster Adventure Indie

Pull of a heist and don't get caught!

So, you chose the criminal life, didn't you? Well, welcome to Heist. Like in the funny burglary game Clue, this game(not so funny) also concentrates on pulling a successful heist with equal accent on detail and preparation. The game won't let you go easy - if you screw something up, you're toast. Maybe the relentless behavior of the game might put you down, and the constant needing to save so you don't get stick might be irritating, but the game's puzzles and other features in the game will make you want to continue. The game involves very hard puzzles which have to be solved in order to get some of the items. The graphics are 2D with an isometric view and the quality is quite good. Overall, this is a pretty hard and interesting game that has its minor flaws but still very challenging and I recommend you to try it out. And if you like it, go ahead and try Time: All Things Come to an End, another game from the same author.

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