Heroes Chronicles: All chapters

Strategy 2000 Windows UBI Soft War Medieval Turn based Fantasy

Epic collection of fantasy fun

The Heroes Chronicles series is a spin off from the epic Heroes of Might and Magic series and which includes some solid fantasy fun in the form of Masters of the Elements and The World Tree. Each entry in the series tells a different part of one character's tale as he attempts to enter Paradise, with each being a slightly shorter than average entry which focuses on storytelling. This pack collects all eight games in the series for one mighty slice of action so if you're into your fantasy RPGs, then this is one set which needs to be in your collection. The gameplay is similar across each of the episodes, consisting of turn-based battles across a series of highly detailed environments while making use of a wide variety of cool units in order to take out you enemies. There are plenty of fantastical creatures to command and magical weapons to make use of, while you also have to build structures to bolster your defenses and improve your chances of victory. The story which unfolds here is truly epic and which contributes much to the series' appeal so if you want to get stuck into a well realised and fascinating universe, you're almost guaranteed to like this set. Fortunately too, the gameplay is just as well implemented, with some highly challenging and enjoyable missions to engage in and which are made even more interesting by the range of troops and enemies. Visually, the games are all of a high standard, with well detailed and highly atmospheric environments and enemies to enjoy so really, this collection has pretty much everything a fantasy fan could wish for.

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