Warhammer: Dark Crusaders

Strategy 1996 Windows Mindscape Fantasy War Medieval

Lost in time

Somewhat sadly, this is another one of those games which never actually saw the light of day but which promised to be an interesting little experience. This was due to be a squad-based first person shooter set in the famous Warhammer 40000 universe, much like titles such as Space Hulk from the same company. Despite the similarities in name, it bears no relationship with Dark Crusade, an add-on pack for Dawn of War, but all we have today are screenshots and some descriptions of what might have been. The reason for its cancellation, despite almost being complete, is that apparently it wasn't all that much fun, so perhaps it's best the game never saw a release. The game was similar to Terra Nova, in that it was a squad-based shooter, where you engaged in 15 missions of various types, including reconnaissance and all out destruction, and which pitched you against the ork hordes. Little more seems to be known about the game, with few screenshots or videos, but the one review that did make it out into the world largely criticizes the game. The biggest issue seems to be with the command system, which was apparently clunky and which made issuing orders a chore in the heat of battle and which sapped the fun out of things. The game also lacked the pure action and excitement of contemporary shooters like Doom and Duke Nukem, and suffered in the visuals department. The shortage of missions was also poorly thought of, and with only fifteen, the game lacked any real longevity, so perhaps it's best this one never got out.

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