Puzzle 1990 Dos UBI Soft Hex or tile based

The war of the hex based robots

Hexsider is a war game, yet a very much simplified one, mostly reduced to the tactical turn based core; the game is set in the 21st century, when the Earth is inhabited by two factions of robots; one of them is deemed to be the good guys, helping the humans in their chores; the second one, is a faction of robots that have escaped humans and are now doing all sort of nasty things. You have to take charge, fight your way towards these robot's mainframe, and shut them down. But it will take quite a few skirmishes to get there. A cool thing about the game is that it allows stackable tiles; thus, you can have more than one unit on a hex; this allows you to better organize your power, and so, you will find that you can even ruse the computer by stacking more fire power in a certain area of the map. Graphically, the game is pretty simple, with shades of green for the hex based maps. It's not a great looker, and you'll need to consult the symbols of the game to know which unit is which and what they do. But, for all intents and purposes, it's a lot of fun, without question. Similarly, you should look into Hexxagon, not a strategy game, but more of a puzzler.

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