Chinese Checkers

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox ImagiSOFT Brainteaser

Puzzle sim digitization of the board game original

In terms of gameplay Chinese Checkers is a sort of Checkers meets Puzzle Quest meets Mahjong. At any rate, it is futile to try to explain how this game plays or what it feels like: what it does, in essence is create a unique feel and atmosphere, one that will immediately feel congruous to its own devices and its own rules. Don't worry, the game has its own tutorial, so you won't be left wondering how to play, and as soon as you get the basic rule set, you'll find out the deer, more strategic requirements that the game can lead you to think of, if you enjoy it. But, playing against the AI can also be a question of relaxation, as the less adept adversaries can be very relaxing, Zen, to play against. At any rate, the game follows the rules for the real world game and it does so sufficiently well graphically (rules wise the game is, as you'd expect, exactly the same) and you are never going to have any issues making out anything on the table. Maybe a few different tables color sets would have been nice, but the game is perfectly playable just as it is, and the ciel blue background works just fine, even for longer playing sessions.

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