Hired Team: Trial

Action 2001 Windows Blackstar Interactive Shooter

Classic shooting and fine graphics

First person shooter games tend to be quite addictive because of the fact that they really involve some great action. The same can be said about this game which I have played many times and is addictive to the very core of it. The plot is a futuristic one where the world in its 3rd millennium has seen a lot of advancements and has transformed into a globally developed organization where the population has taken over the planetary surface where they all live in the form of vast spread colonies. This advancement has however brought chaos in the form of increased corruption, unemployment and street crimes which are really posing a threat to their existence. To cater this situation, a team with some extraordinary skills is being prepared where different heroes are being tested and trailed. They will be fighting in around 28 different arenas where they will be posed by a variety of tough challenges. They can either face the computer bots or can also have battles with humans through their net or LAN connection. The arenas that they they have devised in the game are filed with different variety of obstacles and enemies which you will have to face in different missions. The gameplay works very well through all levels and the controls are well synced to it. In terms of the graphics, the game is pretty good and keeps you interested. Good alternate game with the same shooing action theme but with a different plot is AquaNox.

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