Action 2001 Windows JoWood Productions Futuristic Shooter Sci fi

A great underwater actio simulation

The game surprised many users because it was not expected to be as good as it is. Being an old game, you have a great work of art that flaunts a great combination of colors and smooth transitions between the stages and the action. It's not a space fighter simulation but is an underwater fighting simulation where you have been given the feature to do some real action and free movements. Being underwater and kissing the depths of the ocean, you will explore many hidden pearls and articles that have been lost in the depths of time. Being an action game, you will surely counter some great action pack adventure along with some really easy controls that is a prime feature of the game. The depths in the water have been presented in such a great manner that it was never seen in any of the game of that era. It proved a good hit and that's what forced the developers to come up with AquaNox 2: Revelation which supports good action and even better graphics. The underground objects that are there are very unique and sometime you really feel like you are exploring the depths of the oceans and really feel relaxed.

Deep Dive

Get it. Just get it. Just, get it! I found this game in a little paper CD sleeve that came with my new computer's video card. I was feeling adventurous and wanted to try something new, so I loaded it up. I wasn't sure what to expect, normally “free” games are just a bunch of shovelware that can't get sold in stores. How AquaNox wound up in the mix, I'll never know, but forever be thankful for. It's not quite a space fighter sim, but it's an underwater fighter sim. You have all the free movement of an outer space game, but you're in a combat submersible. It's and old game, but that in no way works against it. The game really is a work of art and uses the atmosphere to incredible effect. For everyone who was amazed at the city of Rapture from Bioshock, this game lets you go out into the deep and explore and fight. It's such a shame that I haven't seen a game that emulates the bottom of the ocean as well before or since. It's also a shame that there aren't many unrealistic space fighter sims out there anymore. If you want something inspirationally beautiful, a fighter sim, or just like the water, AquaNox is perfect. Then go grab the sequel, AquaNox II.

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