Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000

Action 2000 Windows Rebellion Aliens invasion Shooter Fpp Sci fi

Intense and scary

Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 is a first-person shooter game with a science fiction theme, which is based on the movies of the same name. This game impresses with its scary gameplay and its unique atmosphere that isn't encountered in many sci-fi games. The graphics are similar and loyal to the visuals and cinematics from the Aliens vs Predator franchise, and this is definitely a plus. And not only the graphics and the general design has a high potential, but the sounds, music, the general ambiance and the control. Both the single player and multi player modes are fun and outstanding, giving the amount of adrenaline every action enthusiast needs. You can play as three species and against each other in the multiplayer, and these are: the Predators, the Humans and the Aliens. They have their own special skills, combat abilities and now I am going to talk about every character. The Predators are the most preciseful, they have athletic skills, fight with powerful weapons and they differentiate from other species by their standard vision, heat vision, electromagnetic and "Pred-Tech" vision. Humans will have a dark and horrific adventure, and if you play as one of them, you will always search for light. As a Marine, you will play as a hero that will use strong guns, rocket launchers and other smart weapons. Finally, as an Alien, you will fight with your body parts, more exactly, you will kill with your claws, tail and mouth, which has the power to break even a skull. Aliens are a nightmare for enemies and also monsters with high acrobatic skills. Play this game for an intense science fiction experience!

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