Third Reich

Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox Avalon Hill World Wars Alternate History Turn based

Hardcore turn based strategy where Nazis could win the war!

Historically accurate games, or games that set the table for potential alternate histories are not as rare as some would think, but they are certainly not beasts that lend themselves to casual play. That is why Third Reich, a great turn based strategy and tactics top down game remains virtually unknown to the general public, while for the lover of simulated war gaming, this is known as a beloved stepping stone game. Now, even within those players that want to have access to a carefully designed simulation, there are players who also want to have fun. And boy, can you have fun with this one! The game puts you in the shoes of a general, issuing orders, moving the troops around while insuring that the supply chain is not broken. The game allows you to intervene at the level you want to, but for the most part you will want to keep an eye on the larger strategic picture, where you will decide the macro strategy to be enforced. While there are delays between orders being issued and these orders being executed, as well as other pre-programmed behaviors, you can still focus on every level at a time and only choose to dwell with the level of attention you are willing to put into the game. So, if you want a carefully plotted simulation of a battlefield and don't mind a Spartan game interface, this is the game for you. You can recreate history, rewrite history and know that the game can represent WWI combat reality at the most basic of levels as well as globally.

Game review

This is the best strategy game I have ever played and I am playing strategy games over 25 years. It has the best balance between complexity, unit and resource management and playability. It has numberless tactic and strategic options crucial for re-playing characteristic. It has very good solution for naval, air and amphibious warfare, solution which are, in most cases, crucial for game success. It has "What If" ability with very realistic outcome but in this part it need more and it has more with 4th edition rules and in, let's say, next generation of the same game called Advanced Third Reich. Unfortunately, 4th edition rules are not in computer game. Main flaw of this game is that it is very old made in very old programming language and it is not adapted to modern standards of single and multiplayer playing. I really hope that someone will make a remake of this game.

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