Fatal Relations

Adult 1993 Windows Himeya Soft Hentai Bishoujo

An adult themed japanese thriller

Fatal Relations, an adult themed interactive manga/hentai adventure game. The plot to this game is unfortunately incredibly lame but somewhat very erotic, if you look past the b-grade budget and repetitive music that will make your ears bleed after 5 minutes, it isn't too bad of a game. There are some fairly intense sexually explicit scenes though, however, this can be overlooked. The story line involves your parents dying and leaving you to move in and get adopted by a rich "family" who is just hell bent on having sex. Everyone in the house is into the mad love making and the male character you are playing naturally can't resist the seductions of the maid who is there to service, the crazy old cougar, the barely legal teen and other women interwoven into the passable plot. Your character starts to go mad in this scenario and then your character works out everyone else is a bit insane in the house too. With all this madness some of the sisters try to kill each other and the house burns down. The game is over in a few hours, with some enjoyable adult scenes and an adventure storyline that adults can relate to and probably find humorous. A game much like the game Runaway City, you have to play into the game before you get to see it's adult scenes.

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