Hockey League Simulator

Simulation 1989 Dos Bethesda Softworks Trade or management

Heavy on the math, lite on the graphical presentation

This game endeavors to simulate the intricacies of hockey management, but frankly, given its extremely lackluster graphical presentation it sure could have been a numerical simulation of many other things! I mean, what does it matter after all, you'll be enveloped in a numbers based game, so it could just as well be an abstracted game about whatever your imagination wants it to be. So, while you could say that this is a nice simulation, it just doesn't manage to convey the hockey game, the managerial part, but, in its very graphically unsophisticated manner, it might be quite enjoyable for some. At any rate, it is interesting historically because it is a game that was created by none other than Beth Soft, the company which will later bring us Arena, Daggerfall, Oblivion and all. Yap, it's the early days work of the Elder Scrolls developers, back in a day when their future did not seem as luminous as it turned out to be. So, while HLS could easily be replaced by Eastside Hockey Manager, modern and with actual graphics (!), HLS sure is worth a go just to backtrack the steps of one of the biggest RPG developers out there. I guess some games need their connections to stand out, hehe!

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