Simulation 1989 Dos Wesson International Flight Trade or management Business

Can you handle the pressure?

Tracon and its more popular sequel Tracon II put you in the control of one of the most demanding and hardest jobs in the world - air traffic controller. You are given the control of the entire air traffic in a certain location and you have to make sure that all planes fly in their designated heights, not to bump into each other (which will certainly cause a lot of crashing and deaths) and ultimately, to make sure each and every plane gets home safely. Beware - the slightest mistake can create a catastrophe of unseen proportions! This is an extremely demanding and insanely difficult game, since the realism of the game is very high and you have dozens of planes you have to control at the same time. Have you ever wondered how real people manage to do this? Play this game and you'll find a huge amount of respect towards them. The game is full audio - complete with the pilots referring to their position and height and this a fantastic feature that makes the game all the more fun and realistic. It truly does feel like you're up in that high tower and have all those hundreds of lives in your hands. If you've ever interested in this dangerous and ungrateful job, this will be the perfect opportunity to try it out.

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