Life and Death 2

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A simulation/edutainment game about the human brain

Life and Death had been a title that was interested in offering the player a lot of information about the human body, its anatomy and well being. In edutainment fashion, all these lessons, if you'd call them that, were delivered pretty interestingly, as you had to understand how the body works, how each part relates to the others, and how, all of them coalesce together to make a great, very interesting functional body. So, this title, Life and Death 2, second in the title, is all about the brain and its function. All the interactions are delivered as puzzles, and also, they get a good, realistic make up of the brain. Thus, you will learn how each portion of the brain is responsible for another kind of activity, and how these loves work together. You will also get to realize how (to some measure) some parts of the brain take the information brought from the senses and use it. Graphically this is a 2D game, with good enough graphics, rather serious, not too cartoonish. But it works, given the seriousness of the matter that this game is all about. Try it if you want to learn more about the (human) brain.

Become a brain surgeon

The sequel of a fabulous medical simulation game (like Theme Hospital), you are set in the role of a brain surgeon and have to do very difficult and demanding operations that your patient live's depend on. Just like in the first game, the game is very detailed and realistic and you get a very good insight in the job of a real life surgeon and it's difficulties as well as good sides. You have to diagnose your patients accurately and then perform operations on them, with increasing difficulty. Do badly, and you will be sent to the classroom where you will be explained just what went wrong and how to do better next time. Since one of the game's developer is a real doctor, you can be sure that the game is very accurate and realistic. The graphics are not much improved since the original, but no matter - the game is still pretty fun and challenging. It will take a lot of time and patience to finally finish the game, but in the end you will feel satisfied with yourself and learn a great deal about the human body and how it works. A truly great game!

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