Hodj and Podj

Puzzle 1995 Windows Virgin Interactive Humorous

Puzzle set of games in a humorous presentation

Hodj or Podj are to be the successors of their father to the throne, but, of course, in order to qualify, they need to show that they have got what it takes. And what better way to showcase their skills, than to run a marathon of puzzle solving? Well, this is the presentation that this puzzles comes packed in. With or without it however, you are going to have a bit of fun. The puzzles themselves are quite neat, some classic tile based, others logical, others math skills oriented, others testing your observation and memory. At times the game will throw at you animations showing your character in discussions with his father, the king. These humorous tidbits are still fun, though the little jokes are really tame, and thus can be presented to a child without issues. Another area where I was relatively pleased is the overall graphical presentation, where the game does a good enough job. The style is a tame cartoonish one, never too extreme, never too out of the common, and so I do not think anyone will have a problem with it. So, if you were looking for an ok collection of puzzles, Hodj and Podj delivers in full, and will satisfy you.

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